Welcome to HNHC and thank you for having an interest in our ministry


Men come to our program from around the country as well as from other faith based programs. If we cannot accept someone into our program, the Director will refer him to another program equipped to provide him with the help he needs.
Before you make your decision to come to HNHC, please read and complete the Questionnaire. This will help you to decide if you are ready for this program. We will not discourage or try to break you down, but build you up, encourage you, love you, as God loves you.

Residential Program

We operate our residential facility free of charge. Our program is designed to address the whole person: spiritual, physical and emotional. At HNHC we adhere to our core values of excellence, unconditional love and accountability. Our program is free-of-charge and lasts approximately seven months to three years. Services include worship services, Biblical Studies, Overcomers classes, individual discipleship, biblically-based counseling, life-skills training and educational opportunities. Our goal is to have each individual not only complete the program, but also discover the purpose for his life and bring back value to their community as a productive citizen.

Phase I

We will access and assign some students to do Phase I here at HNHC, however, if we feel that one of our affiliates could better serve an individual’s particular need then we will direct them to that facility. We are committed to working with drug addicts, ex-convicts, juveniles, blue collar, and white collar classes of people who are at their lowest point in life into meaningful In house faith based discipleship programs where they can begin the healing process for overcoming drug addiction, smoking, sex addictions, gambling, manipulation, criminal behavior, eating disorders, bitterness, violence, jealousy, co-dependency, self-condemnation, and homelessness. This phase focuses on the spiritual foundation that is needed to learn how to live an overcoming life.

Transitional Care

Our program is a transitional discipleship program that cares for each individual and is committed to prepare them for success in society. Transitional care provides extensive life-skills training as well as assistance as needed with housing, transportation, job placement and school application. Our transitional care program also provides opportunities for our graduates to share their stories of transformation with youth groups, school groups, churches, Sunday schools and many others. HNHC graduates will carry the message of hope they have learned through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Phase II

We accept students into phase II that have completed the first phase here at HNHC or one of our affiliated programs. We will begin teaching them how to apply the spiritual with the physical as we transition them back into society. Their spiritual needs will continue to be addressed through daily bible study, chapel service, devotions and prayer, weekly Overcomers meetings, Sunday morning and night service, and Wednesday worship. Structure and self-discipline, and good planning are important at this stage of discipleship.

We begin in phase II to focus on the physical God given gifts that each individual possesses. We want to help men discover their purpose and calling in this life through such programs as computer training, financial classes, job skills training and search development, and G.E.D completion and distance learning through Liberty University. Our emphasis is taught through patience and perseverance. We need to be patient for God to open doors; and we need to keep moving forward through perseverance.

Phase III

The students are meeting their spiritual, physical, emotional needs, and have secured a job in the community or a community they are familiar with. We continue to walk with, work with, and support our students through this transition back into society. We will help you establish yourself with housing, transportation, food, and a budget as you begin this new life with Christ in the world. We are committed to doing good missionary work, and a good missionary will stay in contact with his disciples.



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